Management & Consulting Services


Services for the Managements and the Business owners such as Legal Opinion, Affidavits, Documents Inspection, Registration Assistance, Agreements/Deeds, Lease/Rental Agreements, Leave And Licence, Power of Attorneys, Wills, Construction Approvals, Notary and Attestation Services, Franking, E-stamp paper, Employment Contract, Consultancy Agreement, Freelancer Agreement, Service Level Agreement, Vendor Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Franchise Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Investment Support, Shareholders Agreement, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Legal Notice, Cheque Bounce, Confidentiality/Restrictive, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Litigations, Business Reorganization, Lender Financing, Third-Party Controllership, Financial Modelling, Budgeting and Projections, Trend Analysis and Benchmarking, Board Assistance, Transaction Support, Financial Reporting, Business Succession Planning, Business Disputes and Damages, Fraud Investigation, Bankruptcy filing, Leadership Training and Management, Executive CoacShing, Goal Management, Team Management, Personality Management, Expert Advisor, Connectors, Boosters, Copilot, Anchor, Mirror Mentor, Reverse Mentor, Distributor/Dealer Network Setup, Franchisee Model Setup, Retailer Setup, Brick and Mortar Setup, Ecommerce Setup, Online Sales, MOA and AOA Alterations, Board Level Activities, Board Appointments, Maintaining Statutory Books, Drafting Company Documents, Share Allocation and Transfers, Licensing and Certifications, Mergers and Acquisitions, Environment CSR, Human rights CSR, Philanthropic CSR, Economic CSR, Educational CSR, and many more...

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Welcome to Management & Consulting Services Ecosystem. In this Ecosystem the following activities can be performed.

  • Post Bulletins about your Business, Products and services (If permission available)
  • Anyone can Comment to Bulletins
  • Anyone can search for Product and Service Offerings
  • Anyone can Request the ecosystem for Vendor Requirements
  • Sellers can Promote their Business Offerings, Products and Services (You should have updated your Company and created Products/Services under My Catalogue)
  • Sellers can show interest to other's Asks

And many other Bulletins

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