Investor Opportunities

Investing in Businesses seeking Investments

Are you an Investor? Are you looking out for opportunities for investments? Navaties has an exclusive Ecosystem for Investors who want to invest in business. You could join our restricted ecosystem called Business Investment Ecosystem to know about various businesses and their investment needs. If you need support in identifying the right opportunity for you, you could contact us.

Investing in Government / Sectoral based Investment Opportunities

For Large businesses or Investor Bankers or Investors interested in Investing Specific segments/sectors, many government bodies look out for investments in various sectors including bu not limited to Renewable Energy, Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Electronics & Semiconductors, Construction & Infrastructure, Defence, Mobility, Technology, etc.,

For this reason we have a restricted ecosystem by name Government and Sector based Investment Opportunities where you will find investment opportunities as published by various governments' investment agencies (country or region/state level) that can help you evaluate your opportunities.

While there are many opportunities in various countries, there are risks and rewards accordingly. So if you are interested in investing in any of the countries and wish to seek support to execute them. You could contact us and we shall give you a platter of investment opportunities and help you connect to the right Opportunity of your interest.

Investing in NAVATIES

Yes, NAVATIES will always be interested in seeking investments. As our platform/system provides solutions right from a local level requirement (supporting a business seeking engagement with people in their local town/city) to International Engagements (cross border Exports/Imports). We are always seeking Investors so that we can impact people, businesses, tradebodies and government bodies across 220 countries.

Our first goal is to be a Trillion Rupee company. Yes you read it right

Rs. 1,000,000,000,000 (Roughly US$ 13.5 Billion)



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