Premium Features and Pricing

While Navaties is free for raising requests and to promote the businesses, Upgrading to a paid memberships have its own benefits and puts ahead of the rest of the general registrations. Though we keep evolving the benefits, the following are the current benefits of upgrading to Special Membership

Description Basic Premium Utlimate
Charges 0 12000/yr10000/yr
+ 18% GST
+ 18% GST
Upgrade to Premium Upgrade to Ultimate
Features List
Profile Creation Support     Yes Yes
Create Business Offerings (Product offerings, Service Offering, Partnership Offerings) in the Platform   10 Yes Yes
Set boundary type to International     Yes Yes
Who visited Your Profile / Catalogue / Offer     Yes Yes
Can Join Any Public Ecosystem?   Particular location/industry Any Public Ecosystem (Created by Navaties) Any Public Ecosystem (Created by Navaties)
Message Anyone   Only in Network or within Ecosystems Anyone Anyone
Can Raise a Request for Product / Service in the System   Yes Yes Yes
Requestor can select the company and raise the request directly to the Business   Yes Yes Yes
Show interest/Access Export/Import Requests     Only if Boundary is International Only if Boundary is International
Job Posting   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Display Offers   within City/District Based on business boundary Based on business boundary
Access World Directory Listing   Only Name and Location Full Contact Details Full Contact Details
Display Vendor Tag       Yes
Allotment of Requests by NAVATIES  
 *subject to conditions
Can show interest to Opportunities   Yes Yes Yes
Listing in Countries Catalogue   1 20 100
Listing in Search Results   Last preference After featured listing In the Top
Listing in EcoSystem   Last preference After featured listing In the Top
Listing in International Search Results     Yes, but only if Boundary is International Yes, but only if Boundary is International
Listing in the Suggestion box for a Request     Yes Yes
Reports     Basic Reports Additional Reports
Invitation to Special Delegations and Meets     Yes Yes
Discounts for Paid Assistance activities   on Actuals on Actuals Discounted Price
Discounts for Paid Events     Yes Yes
Access to Expert Opinions and Supports     Yes Yes
Display Featured Tag       Yes
Digital Marketing Support       Extra Charges Apply
Market Research Activity       Extra Charges Apply
Finding customers Local/International       Extra Charges Apply
Business Profiling Activity       Extra Charges Apply
Guaranteed Business Activity       Extra Charges Apply
Market Entry - Product/Services       Extra Charges Apply
Business Support       Extra Charges Apply
Upgrade to Premium Upgrade to Ultimate

Why do I Need to Upgrade?

Every opportunity has multiple vendors. If there is one requirement, there would be 100 vendors competing for that requirement. Upgrading puts you in the front of the race.

Upgrading is required because
  • We verify your business and do a Background checks.
  • We need to do a Validation process to validate your business and activities executed
  • We monitor the information that is promoted in the system
  • We Keep a watch on the requirements that are posted to evaluate if they match your offers
  • To keep a clean environment and a clean system
Since these efforts require effort and time, We charge a Fee.

Other than Upgrade Fee is there any other fee?

Yes, Upgrade Fee is only for validation and verification purposes and using the platform. As part of the features and pricing table you would have seen various other extra charges that may apply based on the features you select. Some have standard rack price and some vary based on the feature and the depth of involvement. Some are also based on opportunities generated and commissions set.

Is there any way to get a discount?

Actually, Yes. Navaties has formed Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with various International Trade bodies, Chamber of Commerce, Associations, Embassies, Etc., and as part of the MOUs we waive off or give a discount on the Upgrade fee.

If you are part of any such Trade body and if we can sign off an MOU with them, then we can give discounts on your Upgrade Fee.

Trade bodies can write to us on

Note: Upgrading is not mandatory. You can use the platform for the best of your abilities. Only if you want to get more visibility and opportunity to get more clients or do more engagements, you can upgrade.