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Why be a Vendor with NavaTies?

NavaTies provides

NavaTies aims become a Hub for New and Existing Exporters/Importers in the Startup, Small Business or SMBs and wish to explore new and international markets. Further NavaTies becomes the sourcing and support system for International Organizations who wish to explore the Indian Markets. As part of this we provide a 360 degree end-to-end system to provide services and solutions related to Exports, Imports, International Trade and Investments activities.

Hence we are looking for vendors and service providers in the areas of over 45 support functions including but not limited to Registrations & Certifications, Marketing & Expansion Support, Consignment Activities, Logistics & Transportation, Banking/Financing, International Expansion, Problem Resolution and any other Export/Import Solutions & Services.

What are the activities we support for Exporters?
The Connecting India With the World Campaign shall provide end-to-end solutions for a business who wishes to explore international markets. The activities are broadly classified to provide support in International Marketing Activities, International Trade Information, Tools & Calculators, Export and Import Services (Both Preperation as well as Consignment level)
Is this Free or Paid?

While you can Register, List yourselves as well as promote for Free

But if you are looking at getting jobs allotted (not just Leads), then the Ultimate Subscription feature is the right option for Vendors who are into serious business. Our Team will get back to you with the subscription details.

List of Vendor Services Included?

Air Cargo, Bill/Invoice Discounting, Branding & Advertising, Business Setup, Capex/Working Capital Loans & Funding, Chartered Accounting Services, Consignment Activities, Consignment Level Certification, Consulting Support, Country Level Certifications, Courier Services, Crossborder Trade, Customs Related, Debt Recovery, Digital Marketing, ECGC/Fund Insurance, Export & Import Certifications, Export & Import Licenses, Export Council Registrations, Export Promotions, Finance & Banking, IEC Certificate, International Buyer/Seller Validation, International Expansion, International Investments, International Marketing, Legal and IPR, Local Buyer/Seller Validation, Logistics, Marine Insurance, Market Research, Organization Level Certfications, Other Banking Related Activities, Other Services, PO based Funding, Packaging / Lashing / Strapping, Packaging Level Certfications, Pest Control, Product Design & Packaging, Product Level Certfications, Project Cargo, Project Funding, Railway Movement, Registrations & Certifications, Road Movement, SBLC/LC/LoC, Sea Cargo, Stay and Accomodation, Testing and Quality Inspection, Travel Insurance, Travel and Visa, Vendor Identification, Virtual Office, Warehouse, and many more...

Navaties is an Engagement Platform and a Marketplace. It should not be confused with a Listing Website. While Listing is one of our solutions, you get many tools and activities to engage with others to forge relationships and promote your solutions. Opportunities may come from various channels provided you are present in those channels and engage with people fully.
Note: Business happens when people interact and trust is built. Technology is only an enabler