Navaties Publisher Onboarding Form

Benefits of creating a Publishing Account in Navaties
There are a number of benefits of creating a Publishing Account in Navaties. Some of them are listed below
  • Create content to people who subscribe to your account so that people can read, see or watch your text, images, videos, etc.,
  • Engage with your readers in the form of discussion/comments, shares, bookmarks, views, and other activities
  • Get to know who have subscribed for your content
  • Notify your subscribers when you have published content
  • Publish summary in Navaties and get them to your website where complete content will be published i.e. increase your website visits
  • Upsell to your subscribers
  • and many more...
If this interests you, create your publisher account by completing the below details. By default you will be registered as a Private listing. If we feel your account can be taken public then we shall contact you to undersand more about your content, your organization/business and if all conditions are satisfied, then we shall mark your account as public listed.

Note: 1. You are legally responsible for all the news, content and information that you post as a publisher. You hereby agree to post only those content that you are owner of or has the rights to publish 2. Currently this is available only for Indian Publishers

By submitting, you agree to our terms and conditions